Inhale, Exhale

Inhale, Exhale

Take a moment

Published: 6/10/20
By: Brennen Waldron

Let’s do a short breathing exercise: Take a deep breath in…now slowly breath out. Do this a couple more time but as you breath in think “inhale” and as you breath out think “exhale”.
Use this moment to be present with yourself. When you’re ready, continue to read.

I am writing this in the middle of 2020, a year that none of us would have ever imagined. Three months in, the entire planet faces a pandemic of epic proportion. Five months in (while still under a global pandemic), the US experiences unprecedented protests and hard discussions for civil rights reform.

Six months in, it’s hard to know what to do or how to feel about our present state as a world, a nation, or just as ourselves. I for sure struggle to do so.

What I do know is that in my past, when I experience unrest, it is hard to be present with myself and with my family. The struggle is to stay up to date on the news while simultaneously holding onto my sanity.

In my discussion at the studio, I spoke on the importance to just take a moment to be present. We live in unsettling times that we simply cannot begin to control its outcome, this can be stressful. So if it’s just for 5 minutes or 10 minutes…take a moment, and listen to your breath.

A great start is this 5 minutes video on breathing:


Mindful Breathing Meditation, (5 Minutes)



– What do you notice when you focus on your breathing?
– How can you use this experience to improve your thoughts?
– Why is it so easy to forget you are breathing?