Matthew Metzger

Matthew Metzger

Field Day No.1

Matt is an artist, lawyer, father, sculptor, gymnast, and woodworker. He resides on a lake-front property nestled in the woods across the river. His wood shop is located a few paces from the white modern farmhouse he and his wife, Lisa, built in 2015. The house is carefully composed of simple finishes using white oak, steel and aged brass. The furniture is obviously used as chairs (George Nakashima three-legged beauties) have been gently pulled out around a giant walnut live-edge table, but not worn out. Everything is in its right place and respectful of its surroundings. Nothing overwhelms each other, and instead each piece creates a cohesive narrative of an artist’s quest to understand materials and elevating each piece in their natural state.

• Observe an independent studio
• Material Exploration
• Experiment with aging finishes

• 1 part lye
• 9 parts water
• 1 part lye
• 9 parts water
• equal parts pure hydrogen peroxide