The Studio

The Studio is a cozy 450 sq. ft. shed.
It was built in the Winter of 2015.

The Studio is a flux space that enables us to toggle between designing and prototyping our products. With our small team, we work in a open space that breeds creativity and trust.
Located north of Cincinnati, the Studio provides a quiet and warm atmosphere that encourages exploration. After moving from downtown Andrew Neyer sought to eliminate draining commutes, inflated rent and other distractions that can come from leasing a commercial space. The idea of building an office seemed far-fetched until one day after crunching numbers Neyer discovered that it could be a worthy investment. With an interest in low-cost building, Neyer began researching simple building methods and found others solving similar problems with ‘shedquarters’. The decision to begin construction came after concluding the Studio could be constructed for the cost of 1 year (rent + utilities + minor renovations) in a comparable leased space.
All of our assembly is now completed in our Shop located just behind the Studio.

Interested in our process?

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