We design simple and timeless Stuff, so you can live brighter.

Our team works closely with architects, interior designers and trade professionals to design awesome spaces with our lighting and housewares. The collections can be found in many of the premier offices, restaurants, hotels, boutiques and design firms throughout North America and Europe. We understand that each project requires different types of lighting solutions, and we are committed to solving your lighting needs by providing custom size options and variations of our product line. By partnering with top, local fabricators we are continually able to deliver quality fixtures in both large and small quantities while maintaining excellent lead times.
Andrew Neyer’s lighting collections are designed to work in series to create sculptural constellations that captivate spaces. The Studio’s minimalistic approach to design, subtle blend of whimsy, and conceptual use of materials sets our work apart. We are in constant pursuit to create timeless designs that can easily be adapted to a range of environments.


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